• Leroy Somer decided in 2012 to completely stop the production of all 3000 rpm alternators. All Europower generators with Leroy Somer alternator LSA36 (from 3 up to 7kVA 1~230V) will disappear from our product range and will be replaced by Sincro alternators.
  • Markon Sawafuji also decided in 2012 to stop the production of all 3000 rpm alternators. That is why the EP6000 H/MS will disappear from our product range and will be replaced by the EP6000 H/S (with Sincro alternator).
  • From now on, the single phase generators EP18DE and EPS18DE will be produced with Sincro SK160 alternators instead of Leroy Somer alternators.
  • Due to the rigid exhaust emission norms, the V3300T (“Stage II”) engine in the Europower generators with Kubota 1500 rpm water-cooled engines will be replaced by the V3800DIT (“Stage IIIA”) engine in the course of 2013. As a result, the open types EP33TDE, EP40TDE and EP32DE and the silenced types EPS33TDE, EPS40TDE and EPS32DE will be replaced by:
    1. New open types EP34TDE, EP44TDE and EP30DE
    2. New “basic” silenced types EPS34TDE, EPS44TDE and EPS30DE
    3. New “rental” silenced types EPSR34TDE and EPSR44TDE.
  • All PTO tractor alternators will receive a new name. Until now, the name of the PTO tractor alternators was the same as the name of the Sincro alternators. This could sometimes lead to confusion.
    Furthermore, there have been some small changes in the assembly of the PTO control panels.
  • In the option list of DIN generators for fire department applications we added some options to comply with the new norm DIN14685-1. Please contact Europower if you have any questions.
  • Honda has decided to stop the production of the iGX440 engine. That is why all generators with this engine will disappear from the 2013 price list. Europower will continue to supply these generators in 2013 at the 2012 price until the supply of the iGX440 has ran out.
  • The 200 litres tank will disappear from the TOLSMA IBC range (bunded fuel tanks).