The Product Advisor is a useful tool if you are looking for a generating set based on specific applications you have in mind. These applications are split up in categories such as: electric motors, household appliances, lighting and small tools.
You can either choose to add a predefined application from the left hand side or to add a new item. If you have added a predefined application, you can still change the wattage or the HP according to your application. When you change one of those two data, the other one changes automatically.
If you have a new application in mind, first choose a category, add a new item, choose a name for your item and fill in the data. Electric motors start with a peak and this should be taken into account when searching for a generating set!productadvisor printscreen It is important that you only add the applications that will be running simultaneously, otherwise the Product Advisor will recommend a generating set that might be too powerful.
Also bear in mind that we only show generating sets that are suitable, considering the application you want to use. It is useless to show the most powerful generating sets when you just want to connect a 2 HP circular saw to your generating set.
When you click ‘preferences’ at the top of the page, you can fill in specific preferences. On the left hand side, you can choose between a diesel or a gasoline engine for example, or between an open or a silenced generating set, between a manual or an electric start and between 50 or 60Hz. The preferences on the right hand side concern the environment you are going to use your generating set in: will you use your generating set at a height of 2000 meters? Or will you use your generating set in a country where the climate is hot and damp all year long? These factors may influence the number of kVA’s you need.
If you have added all your applications and preferences, you have to click ‘update’. Make sure you click ‘update’ every time you have changed something! All the generating sets that are suitable for your applications will be shown. You will see the name of the Europower generating sets, the kVA’s, the amps and the alternators. Moreover, you can download the Product Sheet with the technical details of every generating set.
You can select the boxes of the generating sets which you want to compare with each other. Afterwards just click on compare to view the results.
When you have decided which generating set is most suitable, or when you are still doubting between certain types, click ‘mail’ at the bottom of the page to fill in a contact form. This way, you can send the data to your own e-mail address and you can contact Europower Generators. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the outcome of the Product Advisor.
Go to and try it yourself!