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The New Boy range has 2 bigger brothers now, EPS123DE and EPS133TDE: 12 kVA single phase and 13.5 kVA three phase, with Kubota D902 engine, 3000 rpm. The dimensions of these 2 models remain the same as the EPS103DE and EPS113TDE. The hot air outlet is coming out on the short side of the genset. Be aware of this change for building-in applications. For datasheets with pictures, please contact us.
The EPS8DE, EPS9TDE, EPS11DE, EPS14TDE, EPS18DE, EPS20TDE, EPS163DE, EPS183TDE, EPS193DE, EPS243TDE, EPS300DXE and EPS400DXE got a fixed air intake grid on the short side of the generating set instead of the air intake grid on the left of the control panel. The reason for this modification lies in better temperature control when generators are being built in.

The New Boy generating sets EPS73DE, EPS83TDE, EPS103DE and EPS113TDE were slightly modified in 2008: the facility to replace the air intake grid towards the short side of the generating set, and, the facility to conduct the exhaust pipe towards the back side of the generator are no longer available in the standard version.
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