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  • The smallest 1500rpm generating set that you can find in the market! In the range of silenced 1500rpm generators with Kubota water-cooled diesel engines, we introduce a new generator, EPS3DE, 3kVA, with Kubota Z482 engine.
  • ULTRA-silenced "rental" generators: EUROPOWER started the development of a new series of "EPUS" ultra-silenced rental generators equipped with Kubota engines. The first model, EPUS20TDE, 20kVA, with noise level of LwA 81 [56 dB(A) @ 7m] is already in production. The second model, EPUS44TDE, 40kVA, also with noise level of LwA 81, is under development and will be available as of April 2017.
  • EUROPOWER introduces a complete new series of generating sets with IP54 alternators, from 4 to 20kVA, with gasoline or with diesel engine, in open frame "EP"-version, in big fuel tank version, in "EPG"-version with canopied engine and in super-silent "EPS"-version.

  • EUROPOWER now also offers a complete list of original Honda options (numbered as “H”) and “made by EUROPOWER” options (numbered as “HEP”) for original Honda generators.
  • In the range of silenced 3000rpm generators with Kubota water-cooled diesel engines, we introduce a new generator, EPS333TDE 33kVA with Kubota V1505T turbo engine.

    EUROPOWER enlarged its EPSR silenced “rental” range with 2 new generators equipped with Kubota engines, an 11kVA 3000rpm and a 20kVA 1500rpm. This way the EPSR “rental” range is complete from 10 until 250kVA.
  • EUROPOWER added several new options to the range. The most important are:
    • 72 hour fuel tanks for the “EPSR” Rental generators
    • Spark arrestors and Chalwyn valves for the EUROPOWER generators with Kubota water-cooled diesel engines
    • Murphy automatic engine oil level maintainers
    • Bender type B earth leakage protections (sensitive residual current monitoring).
  • Please contact EUROPOWER for parallel operation of generators, with or without mains, from 20 to 600kVA.
  • There will be an important modification of generators up to 40kVA with the option ASSS (Automatic Start Stop System in case of mains failure). From now on the generators will always be equipped with an earth leakage protection and a thermal magnetic protection for the generating set itself. This means that these generators will be automatically supplied in the “TN-S” electrical scheme. Please contact EUROPOWER for further information.
  • We introduce 2 new generators EP9000GE and EP11000GTE with Honda GX690VX-C4 2 cylinder engine on propane gas / LPG.
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