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In the coming weeks/months the engines of EP(S)12000TE, EP(S)15000TE, EP11000E and EP(S)12000E will be equipped with new Honda engines GX630 and GX690.
EPG12000E and EPG15000TE will follow also.
The old engines, GX620 and 670 are discontinued.
The advantages of the new engines are:

Yanmar L-series engines (L48/L70/L100) will be replaced by the new and improved Yanmar LN-series. The main advantage of the LN-series is the lower noise level.
EPG12000E and EPG15000TE: these are the first 2 models, with canopied Honda V-Twin gasoline engines, in a new EU noise compliant version. For datasheets with pictures, please contact us.
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